Friday, May 14, 2010

What color nail polish is best for black women?

A strong pink looks great against tanned/black skinWhat color nail polish is best for black women?
I think the hot pinks look great on everybody, and they will on you too!

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What color nail polish is best for black women?
Have fun being stupid! Pink sucks! It looks so ugly on people, it would look better on a elephant!

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i think as many answers you will get here,you won't know unless you try the colours on the nails

every day or every holiday(I mean to stay at home) try a different colour

until picking the one that looks great with the skin colour
This is gonna sound like a crazy suggestion, but I saw this black woman the other day with extremely long nails, and it looked like she had them professionally painted. They had little fireworks on them. I thought it looked cute.
The only way for any woman to choose the right nail color for her, is to try it on. Every race comes in many shades and tones and what looks good on one woman may not look good on another. Also some women are bold and love bright colors and some are demure and go for less glitzy nails. I myself am wishy washy depending on wether it is date night, etc.
bright colors! red, orange, hot pink, coral, maybe even a bright pinkish purple!
Your a beautiful black women wear whatever you want.
I think 'fire-engine red' would look striking and attractive
try to use light colors,but u can try Red.well there are so many colors now,so pik one %26amp; ask ur friend,is it looking good or not??
It depends what you're wearing; clothing, make-up, jewerly, ect...

Usually pinks and chocolate/glazey browns look nice, I think.
probably red

i saw that mary j. blige wore gold...

but i think red is the best
any color because it looks good on Mary Scott.
i think light colours are good
a really nice dark red
Dark or bright colour nail polish will make u look even darker ..Light colour will be better
any but acrylic wit french or something stands out a lot.
very bright colors! summer especially. you can wear literally whatever you want. i suggest green or yellow. unless your a girlie girl (kind of) then mayb a baby blue or a brighter coral/pink.
I would have to say purple or red. Although i am not african-american my self, i am in close relationship with many. You want a color that will contrast with your skin, but not too much. Green, for example, would probably look bad (and too funky) against the color of your skin. Whereas purple looks nice. Red does too.
you should have a natural goldish brown color or (my best friend did this once and it looked cutee) do a light blue
i think u wud uk verys exy with hot red nail polish with a matchin red wud definetely luk stunnin on u...
I think the colour could be red or green. *shrug*
pink or orange
coral! something bright and lively. though red is technically bright, i think its too dark. usually lighter looks better juxtaposed to the darker skin.
I think that bright pink or red look best on black women because it stands out against their skin

hope this helps Lauren xx
i am a black woman and i generally prefer soft colors like peach and pink, or a french manicure. But i think you have to take in consideration the shade of black a woman is. . .
peach and red is best for black women .

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