Monday, May 10, 2010

What color nail polish should I wear with a black dress?

Im wearing a short black dress for my cousins outdoor wedding. How should I do my nails? Color?Flowers on em?etc.What color nail polish should I wear with a black dress?
a bright red :)What color nail polish should I wear with a black dress?
dark purple, like plum its really in this season. o and the girl who answered and said red, thats a good idea too. flowers might over do it, considering it is a wedding and there will be flowers everywhere! lol
silver will look very nice!

but if you have gold accesories it wont look good. so i suggest you wear a nail polish that will go with your accesories what color is your purse? shoes? red will also look very nice or french tip flowers thats too much keep it nice and simply.

ps make sure to put a base coat
I vote RED too! Love it!
Red polish.
What color do you like? I would go with a darker polish.
If the dress is black, you should go for an overall classy look. Try dark red nails. A french manicure would look nice as well.
hmmm i would do french manicure, or just paint them white! but make sure you do enough coats so its nice and not translucent. if the white is too bold for you, and you don't want to do french (it can be tricky if you're painting them yourself) i would say a pale pink would be nice, very light though, almost natural looking.
black polish with white flowers on it !!!!!
red or french manicure
french manicure always looks really classy

but you could do something eyecatching in a bright colour - like bright pink! then do subtle matching accessories
French manicure - simple and elegant.

Red is also a nice pop of color.
French manicure looks the best i think, it's simply yet really pretty!
reddish pink
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